Economic Studies and Business Plans

Economic Studies and Business Plans

Discover our support services regarding the creation of new companies and expanding your business into new areas

* we provide prior analysis on business idea, focusing on financial and marketing variables

* we find sources for funding your company, together with our banking and venture capital partners

* we convey your project to the World, under an internationalization plan with local partners in new markets

* we provide information concerning the market and the competition

* we determine the best tax framework for your start-up


We provide an initial diagnosis regarding market positioning for your idea.

Did you know that starting with the right partner means over 80% success rate for your project?


– Business Plans
– Internationalization Plans
– Marketing Plan
– Market Analysis
– Business Ideas suggested according to level of investment and desired profitability
– Supporting the Creation of New Businesses
– Economic and Financial Feasibility Studies
– Definition of Performance Indicators regarding Export Markets
Other Services Available

Financial and Tax Incentives

Accounting and HR Management

Financial and Administrative Outsourcing

Marketing/Sales Consulting

Recruitment and Selection

Business Process Optimization and Cost Reduction

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